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Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Todd Kauffman
Posted by Todd Kauffman on Jun 18, 2020 9:03:09 AM



Winter weather can be tough on any residential home. How can you stay cozy, relax
during the holidays, and enjoy hot chocolate instead of home maintenance headaches?

Be proactive before the winter weather hits!
Our home warranty pros put together this handy checklist to get you started.

Warranties protect you and your home from the unexpected expenses caused by normal wear and tear on your property.  Seasonal home maintenance by homeowners is key to keeping the systems and appliances of your home functioning properly.  As home warranty experts, we have many tips and tricks to help you stay on top of home maintenance.

Winter Maintenance Guide

Even the best maintained home appliances and systems sometimes break! Protect yourself from these unanticipated expenses, with a HomePRO warranty!

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Get peace of mind while you're hitting the slopes, with HomePRO!


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